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11+ Exam Preparation11+ Exam Preparation

As with all of our subjects, we offer a bespoke Entrance examination preparation service.

We will need to speak with you before the assessment about which schools you are looking at.

As well as Maths, English and sometimes Science preparation, we will almost certainly need to prepare your child for Reasoning Tests.

At Teachers Teach we want your child to do their best.

Our parents come to us because their children need input from a qualified and experienced teacher.

If you are enquiring about 11+ preparation then you will likely already be aware that your child will need to prepare for tests ranging from verbal and non-verbal reasoning to Comprehension and Writing skills as well as Mathematical aptitude tests.

The 11+ test environment is constantly changing and it is crucial that your child is given time to consolidate what they have studied. With so much competition for selective schools we will work with you to ensure that your child is fully prepared for this challenging time. This includes allowing them to sit mock tests, including tests sat under exam conditions.

Once we have carried out an initial assessment, then we will determine a starting point and individual plan to enable your child to do their best. This will involve a good amount of study each week away from the centre.

Please contact us to discuss and book.