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Maths TutoringMaths Tuition

At Teachers Teach we are all qualified teachers.

Your child will follow a completely personalised programme of study. Once we have carried out an initial assessment and set some initial targets and learning topics, we will start working towards strengthening your child’s Maths skills.

Many of our students are keen to just “feel better” and more confident about their Mathematical ability. Most of our older students have a specific GCSE target grade and nearly everyone would like to be able to move up into a higher Maths group.

Who wants to spend hours worrying about Maths homework? Some of our students and parents have been with us for 9 years. We are sure that they have long forgotten the worry that their children faced with Fractions and Algebra!!

Maths Tuition & Assessment

Again, we will carry out an initial topic-based Maths assessment for your child.

Due to the way in which we are able to allow our students study Maths with us, we see progress quickly.

We will not waste your child’s time repeatedly tackling topics which they can manage.

We want our older students to be proactive in bringing us topics which they have found difficult recently in school.

We are never complacent about our students achieving an excellent Maths score in an end of term test or exam!

We love it when they tell us that they have moved up to a higher group! Confidence in Mathematical ability is crucial!

Science TuitionScience Tuition

We have a dedicated Science teacher.

We will allow your child to do a trial lesson or an assessment before beginning lessons. This is so that we are able to effectively guide them as to which topics to tackle first. We will need to know which examination board they are working to.

Science Tuition & Assessment

We teach Science on a topic basis and we will make sure that your child gives us an independent review of their areas of weakness.

Most of our students study Science on a term by term basis and they study it in conjunction with one other subject.

Our Science spaces are always in demand and very limited, so please flag this up to us if it is a specific priority.

English TuitionEnglish Tuition

Parents come to us with a wide range of requests and concerns about English.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Phonics

You may be concerned about your child using punctuation correctly – or perhaps you may have very little information other than a target grade from a school report or parents’ evening.

Some parents approach us because their children are doing very well at school. They may want us to help prepare their child for Entrance or 11+ exams. Other parents may come to us because their children are finding homework time difficult.

We have many parents who are concerned that their children do not wish to work with them. This happens every day! It is nothing to worry about.

English Tuition & Assessment

We are here to help.

Our initial assessment will give us a good indication of your child’s areas for development.

We will advise you and discuss with you what to tackle first.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 our resources range from basic phonics through to punctuation; comprehension and spelling and then…for students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 we will support your child through analysing literature and poetry and writing in a range of styles.

Most importantly we will update you about your child’s progress every step of the way.